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U.S. Secretary of Labor

For members of the Rochester MN Worker Justice group in Rochester, MN ONLY

Should Rochester MN Worker Justice Group oppose this nomination of Mr Andrew Puzder for U.S. Secretary of Labor?

At its core, the role of the U.S. Secretary of Labor is to ensure compliance with basic legal standards and protect the most vulnerable workers against exploitation. This week, we learned that Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder employed a housekeeper for many years and never paid legally-required taxes on her wages until his nomination was imminent.

Enough is enough.

Mr. Andrew Puzder is an experienced attorney and a CEO of a major fast-food empire, so he cannot plausibly claim ignorance of his legal obligations as an employer. We already have ample cause to doubt Mr. Andrew Puzder’s fitness for the job as Secretary of Labor, and this latest news confirms our view that he should not be confirmed.  If he cannot be trusted to follow even one of the most basic laws of employment in his own home, there is no way we can expect him to enforce the crucial laws the Department of Labor oversees on behalf of working people.

The undersigned call on the Trump Administration to withdraw the nomination of Mr. Andrew Puzder at once and find a suitable nominee who shows proper respect for working people and our nation’s employment laws.